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Tune-in to the debut show and experience the sounds of:

Jay Lamont, Happy Curmudgeons, Gordon Thomson, Dominic Argiro, Lowman Craig, Sekrett Scilensce, Tim McInnes, and Parker T. Pettus!

DE: Einschalten und tanzen?

JP: 踊ることを忘れないでください?


Music Now Playing™ is an experimental listening-hub within the KUNEO KOEI entertainment-network, centered around the showcasing of third-party Song submissions and sharing.

Music Now Playing features a variety of sound-recordings spanning many genres and styles including (but not limited to) Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit bleeps 'n' bloops (a.k.a. Chiptunes).

We "cannot" guarantee that all Songs (or Soundtracks) featured are available wherever Music is sold. We also "cannot" guarantee the recordings submitted to us are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games or related media.

Too, we "cannot" guarantee that all sound-recordings we receive are YouTube ready.

NO Lists, NO Sign-Ups, NO Junk.

For all Business (i.e. Marketing) inquiries such as Advertising, Endorsement, or Sponsorship, as well as Public Relations; please contact directly, thank-you...

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